About Us

debbie-3My name is Debbie, I am the face of this blog, but it was created and is run by my husband Mr Shabby, all but my post I write from my heart. I am 58 years young, Mr Shabby is 53..We were born, raised, and raised our children here in Alabama. Growing up Southern was a privilege to us both.. Family is very important here in the South, our roots run deep. Join Mr Shabby here, as he teams up with others pages for giveaways, and we share our friends handmade items, made here in Alabama with you.. We feel that sharing, and getting the word out about these local artist, is important.. It is free to all, so if you have handmade items here in Alabama, and ship, show us what you have.  It might also be on our blog for all that visit to see.

Debbie and Mr Shabby